4 Times You Should Always Have Your Car Towed To The Repair Shop Instead Of Driving

When something serious is wrong with your car, you may be wondering if it’s safe to drive to the mechanic or if you need to have your car towed. In some instances, driving to the mechanic will cause additional damage to your car — sometimes this damage can be as catastrophic as destroying your entire engine. Other problems can cause you to lose control on the road or cause your car to shut off in the middle of traffic.

3 Tricks For Repainting A Section Of Your Car

If you need to repaint a section of your car, but not the entire vehicle, here are a few tricks to use that will help you get the paint job you want where you want it: #1 Clean The Car Before you repaint your car, you should always clean your car. You can take it through the car wash if you like, but what your car really needs is a good hand washing job that ensures all of the dirt is removed from your vehicle.

Boost The Intimidation Factor Of Your Pickup With These Easy Additions

To some it may be just a pickup truck, but to you, your pickup truck is a reflection of your own personality, and you are all about strength and stature. If you want to see your regular pickup truck transformed from ordinary to intimidating, there are all kinds of fun ways to do just that. Check out these truck parts and truck additions you can get that will totally give your pickup truck a more powerful look.

Five Mistakes Parents Make When Buying Their Teen's First Car

It is probably with mixed emotions that you embark on the journey to buy your teen’s first car. While you probably share some of your son or daughter’s excitement about his or her first auto, you’re also certain to worry about letting your child loose on the roads. If you set about the car-buying process correctly, you can quickly quell some of these anxieties. Make sure you buy your son or daughter the right car, and avoid the following common buyers’ mistakes.

2 Symptoms Of Low Or Oxidized Brake Fluid

Just like every other driver, you’ve regularly replaced your brake pads and rotors when your brakes began causing performance issues. However, you’ve failed to also flush and replace your brake fluid. The brake fluid that flows throughout your vehicle is the lifeblood of your braking system. When your brake fluid is low or oxidized, these three issues will hinder your braking performance: Soft Brake Pedal When you first drove your vehicle, your brake pedal could bring you to a stop with almost no pressure.

5 Conversions To Take Your Class B RV Further

You may want a Class B RV because they are generally small enough to store in an unmodified garage, handle well in the city, and get similar gas mileage to a large family vehicle. While downsizing your RV is great for the city and off-season, the compact size of a Class B RV can make it difficult to take on longer vacations or accommodate more than 2-4 people. However, its small size makes it a great option for reaching more rural locations that a Class A or Class C RV might not be able to make it to.

Essential Tips For Hauling A Vehicle For First-Timers

If you need to transport a motor vehicle over a long distance due to a long distance move or other circumstance, you will need to rent or buy a trailer. If you have never hauled a vehicle before, the following guide can help you learn the basics of what you need to successfully transport a car or motorcycle. Determine the Capacity of Your Load and How Much You Can Tow

5 Semi Truck Sleeper Features To Make Summer Trips More Comfortable

Driving semi-trucks during the summer includes long days, hot nights, and a lot of warm temperatures on the open road. While shopping for commercial trucks for sale, it’s important to consider the main season that you’ll be driving in. Getting a good night’s rest is important for hitting the open road and there are many features to consider in the sleeper cab that you purchase. The following five semi truck sleeper upgrades can help you get through the summer trucking months with ease.