5 Conversions To Take Your Class B RV Further

You may want a Class B RV because they are generally small enough to store in an unmodified garage, handle well in the city, and get similar gas mileage to a large family vehicle. While downsizing your RV is great for the city and off-season, the compact size of a Class B RV can make it difficult to take on longer vacations or accommodate more than 2-4 people. However, its small size makes it a great option for reaching more rural locations that a Class A or Class C RV might not be able to make it to. With a few modifications, your Class B RV can be ready to take you and your friends far away from the city for weeks at a time. 

Lift Your RV To Reach More Remote Locations 

To achieve a comfortable standing height, manufacturers either lower the floor of the vehicle or extend the roof. If you have a lowered RV, you may consider installing a lift kit to help get you off highways and onto dirt roads. Before you install a lift kit, it is important to take into consideration how your RV will handle with an extra 2-4 inches added. It may be more difficult to drive in strong winds and you may have to take corners more slowly. If you are storing your RV in a smaller garage, you may have clearance issues.

If you decide that an extra bit of under-carriage clearance is necessary, but not worth the handling and storage issues, you may think about installing airbags at the front and rear axles, which can be manipulated to give you a bit of extra space only when you find yourself in deep ruts. 

Attach Walls To Your Awning To Increase Sleeping And Living Space 

If you plan to travel with more than two people in a Class B RV, you may find yourself looking for more living and sleeping space. Sleeping space can easily be extended with a tent and sleeping bags. However, to get the most from your RV, you should consider having custom walls made that can extend from your awning to the ground. This can enclose the area directly next to your RV, extending your living area and providing a safe, cozy sleeping space during warm weather. 

Install A Tankless Water Heater To Increase Usable Space 

In a Class B RV, it is important to utilize every storage space efficiently. You can add extra storage space or living space by installing a tankless water heater as opposed to the standard 6 gallon hot water tank. This will insure that you have plenty of hot water for your daily needs, but you won't have to haul a full tank of water with you everywhere. 

Collect Rainwater For Bathing And Dishes 

While a tankless hot water heater will save you space, you may find that you need to make regular trips into town to fill up your water. Collecting rainwater can limit how often you need to refill your water tank. The storage barrel may take up extra space in your RV while you are driving, but you can store kitchen supplies or other necessities in it during transportation and then set up your rainwater collection system when you reach your destination. 

Install Solar Panels To Extend Your Off-Grid Trip 

Since most RVs already have a battery that stores electricity, you only have to purchase solar panels and connect them to your current AC converter to get them ready to go. This makes installing solar panels on a RV cheaper and easier than installing them on a house, and the extra power they provide can keep you out of the city for longer periods of time. 

Once you make a few modifications to your Class B RV, you will see that it can be the best way to get out of the city and away from the RV park to enjoy a long vacation. For more information, contact a company like Fretz RV.