3 Tricks For Repainting A Section Of Your Car

If you need to repaint a section of your car, but not the entire vehicle, here are a few tricks to use that will help you get the paint job you want where you want it:

#1 Clean The Car

Before you repaint your car, you should always clean your car. You can take it through the car wash if you like, but what your car really needs is a good hand washing job that ensures all of the dirt is removed from your vehicle.

When you wash your vehicle, be sure to start at the top and work your way to the bottom of your car. That way, water and soap will drip downward as you work and will not get in an area of your car that you have already cleaned.

Make sure that all grease and road grime is removed from your vehicle. Keep in mind that if you are repainting a section of your car, that often means repainting inside of your car too, where the door meets with the vehicle. Be sure to use a wet rag to wipe down the inner doorsills and trunk area as well. You want everything to be clean.

#2 Tape It Off

Next, car paint can have a lot of overspray, so it is important to cover up all the areas of the car that you don't want to get paint on. Don't underestimate how far overspray can reach. With the right little breeze, overspray can go across the entire side of your vehicle. Cover up all the areas that you don't want to get paint on with newspaper or plastic sheeting. Make sure to use tape and check and make sure that no little areas of covering are loose. You don't want the paint to get under the cover, either.

#3 Clean The Floor

Finally, you don't want dust getting into the paint area. Sweep the floor where you will be painting to get rid of large debris. Then, mop the floor and keep it wet as you work. Keeping the floor damp as you work will prevent dirt and dust from the floor from getting into the air and onto your new paint job.

If you want to repaint your vehicle, make sure that you clean your vehicle and your work area really well. Paint will stick better to a clean surface and a clean work area will ensure that debris doesn't get onto your new paint job. Be sure to also cover up any area of your vehicle that you don't want to get paint on because that paint can really spread out. 

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