Dealing With Leaky Glass On Your Car Or Truck

Auto glass replacement is not always the result of a broken window or glass that has cracked. Sometimes the glass needs replacing because it is damaged where the seal is around the window or sometimes the glass is leaking and needs a new seal to hold it in place and keep the water out. Any good auto glass repair shop can help you with a leaking window, and many of them will even come to you to make the repairs.

Leaking Seals

There are some common reasons that auto glass starts to leak around the edges of the window, and the older the car, the more common a leak is. As the vehicle gets older, the seals start to dry out, and if there is an area that has even a small opening in the seal, the water will find a way through it. 

The auto glass repair shop will need to inspect the seals on the glass for damage and determine where the water is getting in, so if you can show the tech where you see the water inside the car, it can be very helpful. 

Leaking Urethane Seals 

Newer cars often have urethane seals that seal the glass to the car body, so if the urethane is leaking, the tech may need to remove the glass entirely to replace the sealing material then reinstall the glass. Sometimes the steel on the car body will start to rust under the seal, and the auto glass repair tech will need to sand the steel own and remove the scale and rust to ensure the new seal is adhering correctly to the metal. 

Once the seal is in place, the glass can be reinstalled, and the leak should be gone. If the glass is still leaking after the repair was made, the auto glass repair company may need to pull the glass back out and check for further damage to the glass or the car body. 

Rubber Seals

If your car or truck has rubber seals on the windshield or other glass, the rubber can become brittle over time., The sun and weather can cause the rubber to deteriorate, and the seal will eventually begin to leak. 

The solution is to replace the rubber seal with a new one, and most auto glass repair companies can make that repair very quickly and efficiently. If the car is very old, the seal may be hard to find, but the auto glass repair service should be able to find a seal for you, even for classic cars or trucks that are no longer in production and parts are no longer being made for.