Boost The Intimidation Factor Of Your Pickup With These Easy Additions

To some it may be just a pickup truck, but to you, your pickup truck is a reflection of your own personality, and you are all about strength and stature. If you want to see your regular pickup truck transformed from ordinary to intimidating, there are all kinds of fun ways to do just that. Check out these truck parts and truck additions you can get that will totally give your pickup truck a more powerful look. 

Wheel Spacers

Widen the stance of your truck with easy-to-install wheel spacers and you immediately have a vehicle that looks a little more menacing compared to others. Wheel spacers install between the wheel and the axle to set out the tires just enough to give your truck a wider look. This is an ideal choice for vehicles that have a narrower wheel base, such as a compact pickup truck that may otherwise look pretty non-threatening n the highway. 

Front Push Bar 

The front grill of the truck can be one of its more vulnerable points, especially if you do any off-road traveling. Give your pickup a new look and a little more front-end protection with a push bar on the front. These front additions are an aftermarket truck part and come in many different styles and sizes, so picking up one you like is not had to do. You can even find front push bars that have an integrated tow hook if you're into four-wheel-drive accessories. 

Wide-Set Side Mirrors

Not only do wide-set side mirrors give you a broader view of the backside of your vehicle, they also give the truck a more noteworthy appearance compared to other vehicles. This is the perfect complement to wheel spacers that give your truck a wider stance because the side mirrors will help to complete that visual appeal. However, the wider set mirrors also are an advantage in off-road settings as well. 

Barred Tail Gate

Trade in the typical tailgate of your pickup for an open, barred design and you automatically give the vehicle a new personality. These things are simple to install; they just slip right into the frame of the truck bed after you take off the included gate. Plus, you can find them in everything from chrome to jet black with wire mesh center pieces or model emblems for added appeal. Your truck will look more like a workhorse than a vehicle with enough implementations like this.  

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