5 Semi Truck Sleeper Features To Make Summer Trips More Comfortable

Driving semi-trucks during the summer includes long days, hot nights, and a lot of warm temperatures on the open road. While shopping for commercial trucks for sale, it's important to consider the main season that you'll be driving in. Getting a good night's rest is important for hitting the open road and there are many features to consider in the sleeper cab that you purchase.

The following five semi truck sleeper upgrades can help you get through the summer trucking months with ease.

Battery Powered Air Conditioner

When the truck is not running, the cab can quickly get hot and uncomfortable. Instead of wasting gas or killing the semi-truck's battery power, you can purchase a used semi truck that has a battery powered air conditioner in the sleeper cab. This air conditioner runs on its own high-powered battery system. This means that while your truck is parked, the sleeper cab can be comfortably cooled. The batteries can typically run for 12 hours without being charged.

Semi Truck Mini-Fridge

Things can get crowded in the sleeper cab of a semi truck, so you will want to look for items that are as small as possible. A semi-truck mini-fridge features enough storage for a few drinks and some food. This is great for storing fresh snacks while on the road.

The typical size of a standard mini-fridge is around 4.0 cubic feet. For a semi-truck fridges are available in smaller sizes and range from 1.7 to 3.8 cubic feet.  These smaller sizes can cut down on the weight of the truck and use less power to keep the fridge cooled.

Drawer Freezers

A drawer freezer is an ideal companion to a semi truck mini-fridge. These freezers are typically stored under the bed or a sink area of the sleeping cab. During the summer, these drawers can help many advantages for storing food and drinks.

  • Ice Cream: Have fresh access to cooled off snacks like ice cream and frozen yogurt.
  • Ice: Cool off drinks with fresh access to cubed ice.
  • Frozen Meals: Easily store and prepare frozen meals in the drawer freezer. This offers a great alternative to rest stop food locations.

Top Bunks

As you shop through semi truck sales, you may want to consider sleeper cabs that feature a top bunk. During the summer months, the top bunk of a sleeper has many benefits including the ability to block out extra sunlight. The summer is filled with long days, and it may be harder to sleep with slivers of light shining through on the sleeper cab. A top bunk can give you more privacy and move you away from extra sunlight.

While you look for top bunk features, ensure that there are no skylights or upper cab windows that can let additional light in.

Semi Truck Air Purifier

As summer rolls in and temperatures rise, so do the pollutants in the air. Driving down highways and through cities will only increase your exposure to these pollutants. Instead of breathing in the dirty air, you can purchase a semi truck with an air purifier built into the sleeping cab. This purifier runs on battery power so you do not have to idle or run the truck while you use the purifier.

The purifiers can be installed into the wall of the cab or directly above the bed where you sleep. Depending on the model, some may need disposable filter changes for each new season that you use the air purifier.

Even if you cannot find these upgrades in a semi truck you love, it's a good idea to work with the truck dealer to find out about having these upgrades installed.