Things To Consider When Installing A Remote Starting System In Your Vehicle

Installing a car remote start system on your vehicle can have some benefits and add some convenience, but there are some things to consider before installing the system. Remote starting systems also offer additional options beyond just starting the vehicle, so choosing the right system for your car and your needs is a crucial first step. 

Remote Starting Systems

A car remote start system is just what it sounds like. The system uses a small remote control to start the car from a distance and allows it to run until you reach it or shut it off. The system is effective on most vehicles with automatic transmissions and fuel-injected engines. 

Often, these systems are triggered with a keyfob remote so the vehicle can stay locked and the keys don't have to be in the ignition. The steering column remains locked until you put the key in and unlock it, so stealing the car is difficult, and a thief would first have to open the doors to access the interior of the vehicle. 

If your car has an alarm system, you can integrate many remote car start systems with the alarm already in the vehicle so you don't trip the alarm using the remote starter. In some cases, you may need to buy a specific model remote starter to ensure it will work in your car with your alarm system. Still, you can purchase many different systems, and most automotive electronic stores that sell them can help you choose the best one for your vehicle.

System Safety

One of the biggest concerns with any car remote start system is that it is installed correctly and is safe to use. A remote start system can only be used in cars with automatic transmissions because they require the vehicle to be parked so it can't jump or move when the engine is starting. 

If you are going to use a remote start system, it is crucial that you park your car, set the parking brake, and make sure the transmission is solidly in the park position. Safety switches in the system will not allow the vehicle to start in gear or even in neutral. 

It is also good to park where you can see the car, and never use a remote car start system inside a garage or other enclosed space. Once you start your vehicle with the system, let it run for about ten minutes. If you are going to need more time before heading to the car, shut it off so it is not sitting in one place idling for a long time.

Excessive idling is not good for a car's engine. It will use a lot of gas and put out far more emissions than is necessary, so time your car starting to allow the car to warm up but not run for a long time unnecessarily. 

For more information about car remote starts, contact a local automotive supplier.