3 Tricks For Repainting A Section Of Your Car

If you need to repaint a section of your car, but not the entire vehicle, here are a few tricks to use that will help you get the paint job you want where you want it: #1 Clean The Car Before you repaint your car, you should always clean your car. You can take it through the car wash if you like, but what your car really needs is a good hand washing job that ensures all of the dirt is removed from your vehicle.

Boost The Intimidation Factor Of Your Pickup With These Easy Additions

To some it may be just a pickup truck, but to you, your pickup truck is a reflection of your own personality, and you are all about strength and stature. If you want to see your regular pickup truck transformed from ordinary to intimidating, there are all kinds of fun ways to do just that. Check out these truck parts and truck additions you can get that will totally give your pickup truck a more powerful look.